Unity Games 2013

Unity Games Day, March 2nd, 2013

As Miss Teen Niagara-Region World 2013, I want to get involved in my community and take on as much as I can. At this point I was volunteering with S.N.A.P as I mentioned in another blog post. As well, I was busy with schoolwork, photo shoots, looking for sponsors and getting ready for my trip to volunteer in South Carolina. With that said, I still couldn’t pass up the opportunity to volunteer with another program at my school, Brock University, on March 2nd called Unity Games. “Student Life and Community Experience in partnership with the United Way, YMCA, RAFT, Department of Kinesiology & Niagara Children’s Centre hosted the Unity Games on Saturday March 2nd from 11am-3pm. Unity Games is a day-long event that brings children & youth from across the Niagara Region together using the power of active play to teach values and life skills. In total, 107 children and 55 volunteers participated in the event. The 4th annual Unity Games was a memorable event for both the participants and the volunteers.” – Student Community Outreach.

After-School Program

At my old high school

Prior to Unity Games Day, I also volunteered at 3 different after-school sites to promote Unity Games to the children and youth. The first school I went to was actually my old high school, Beamsville District Secondary School (it was great running into my old teachers and catching up with them!). Myself and two amazing coordinators would set up two obstacle courses for the kids. Once the kids arrived we would get them in a circle so everyone could learn each others names and break out of their shells. That was certainly successful. All the kids from the three schools I went to were very friendly and had a lot of energy which was great to see! Both obstacle courses were team oriented. Teamwork is very important for many reasons. Teamwork requires people to work co-operatively with others, it takes all members of the team to respect each others abilities, and it involves much interaction exchanging ideas and actions. This was all portrayed at the after school programs with the kids. The obstacle courses showed and/or improved the child’s social, emotional, and communication skills.

Volunteering with my cousin in my hometown

Both the after school programs and Unity Games Day was a great experience for me. It was a lot of fun and I loved seeing the kids active, smiling and making friends. I will definitely be volunteering again next year! 🙂


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