Good morning day 5! This is my second blog post, it is Thursday, July 18th and we have had an amazing, busy week. The fun still continues but now it is time to be competition ready! The past few days have been great. I’d like to thank a bunch of sponsors:

Medieval Times for putting on a great show last night and feeding us a delicious meal! Great service and very entertaining! It was just as fun as the first time I went. 🙂

Costa Blanca for sponsoring us a $50 gift card! I love my new outfit.

Pizzaiolo Restaurant for sponsoring us pizza lunch yesterday! It’s been a slice. 😉

Garage Clothing for sponsoring a $50 gift card to their store. I went a little over board and spent even more money haha – love your clothes!

HiTecCanada for sponsoring us the comfiest running shoes ever. What I like even better is that their pink!

Toronto Zoo for giving us a private viewing of the pandas yesterday. They were soooooo cute, I wanted to keep one!

Urban Eatery for sponsoring us a $10 gift card for dinner at the Eaton Centre. My stomach was very happy with the grilled chicken salad I ordered.

Breakfast Television for having all of us on their show Monday morning. It definitely felt surreal to me.

Union Fit for providing us a yoga class. It felt so refreshing and relaxing. I definitely want to come back again! It was nice to finally get a little workout in this week, aside from the ones I do in my hotel room. 🙂

Much Music for having all of us crazy girls on New Music Live Monday. We had a blast!!!

 CN Tower for having us and showing us the beautiful view from the very top!

Distillery District for allowing us to have a scavenger hunt and feeding us a delicious lunch!

Nothing could ever top this fun filled week with all these girls! I also can’t thank Michelle, Christi and the chauffeurs enough for taking care of us and everything they have done and organized to make this trip one to remember!

New picture from the photo shoot!

Tonight is the preliminary competition and I am so excited to finally get on stage and shine! Wish me luck! 🙂 I will blog all about the premilimary competition and the talent night so keep checking my blog!

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Thank you in advance, much appreciated! I am loving all the support from my friends and family.

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