Society & Body Image

The problem with society is that it expects so much from everyone when really the only person we need to please is ourselves. Everyone thinks they need to look a certain way to be accepted in this world, to be loved, to be called beautiful. Yes I promote health and fitness, no I don’t promote a certain “body type” or how one should look. I want to make the world a HEALTHIER place. Obesity is taking over, it’s one of the biggest causes of death. I’m here to help motivate and encourage kids, teenagers, adults, to be healthy. Part of being healthy is being active and eating right. That is why my Instagram shows different exercises you can do and healthy foods you should eat. We are all made different and we all have different body types. My body is naturally muscular/skinny (I’m sure most people don’t know that I literally eat like a man. I have a very fast metabolism so I am always hungry and I am always eating). Just because a girl is rounder with more curves doesn’t mean she isn’t healthy and just because a girl is skinnier doesn’t mean she isn’t healthy. Healthy comes in all different shapes and sizes. As long as you are happy with how you look and how you feel from the inside out then that is what matters most! I promote health and fitness for the people that need a boost of happiness and self-confidence. I promote it so the people stop hating on themselves and their body each and every day. I promote it so people can love themselves , feel happier and have a lot more energy to LIVE LIFE! Being healthy doesn’t mean you have to have a six pack and your thighs shouldn’t touch – that is just how I am built from being an athlete. I don’t believe in going on diets or starving yourself and I would never promote that. I promote HEALTH, HAPPINESS, CONFIDENCE, EMPOWERMENT AND LOVING YOURSELF. After I quit cheerleading and wasn’t playing sports anymore, I stopped watching what I ate and didn’t work out as much. I felt sluggish, I had no energy, I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t healthy inside. I may have looked healthy on the outside but inside I was not. I became skinny, and once I got back to eating healthy and working out I added on more muscles and definition – which is what I wanted! Don’t listen to society of how you should look – YOU have the choice, you are in control of your body. But most of all you need to be healthy because health is the most important thing to have in life! That is why I promote health and fitness – because their are so many benefits, it improves one’s overall quality of life, and it is one thing we have absolute control and power over!

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