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The power and influence of social media is huge these days. I love social media (as I know everyone else does)! Although, if social media is being used and abused then there are a lot of downfalls to it such as making us less social and having trouble communicating offline. However, if social media is used for the right purposes, then I believe in the greatness of it and how one’s voice can be heard by many people. For the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 pageant, marketing/social media is 10% of our overall score and there is also a fast track award called Social Media Queen. We are asked to make a Facebook Fan Page, keep people updated on Twitter, and blog about our journey. I have very much enjoyed the social media promoting I have been doing! I spend a great amount of my time keeping everybody up to date online. I also use my sites for promoting my pageant platform of health and fitness. And yes I always make time to get off that computer screen and go outside and be active every single day – that is very important!

My Social Media Outlets:


After the Miss Teen Ontario-World Pageant, I decided to make an Instagram page to promote my platform; health and fitness. Little did I know it would go viral! To this day I am still in shock as to how many followers I have gotten since January. I am so very thankful to currently have 38,800 followers. I love knowing I am helping thousands of people reach their fullest potential and be their healthiest self! My dream is to motivate and promote health and fitness to the world and slowly my dreams are coming true as we speak! You can follow my Instagram at “pageantfitness”.


As I noticed my Instagram growing everyday, I decided to make a YouTube fitness account at the end of May 2013 to promote my platform in an even more personal way. I currently have 189 subscribers and over 2,600 views. I want to make many more videos and reach even higher numbers – nothing wrong with dreaming BIG! 🙂 You can click here to watch my videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Facebook Fan Page

I have a Facebook Fan page I update everyone on. I currently have 773 ‘likes’ and if you haven’t already ‘liked it’ you can click here to check it out! I also have a twitter account with over 300 followers, to follow me you can click here.

Business Card

Since part of our preparation is to find sponsors to help support our journey to Miss Teen Canada-World I decided to design a business card to hand out. The front reads “Miss Teen Niagara Region-World 2013” and on the back it has my email, Facebook Fan page and my twitter account. I thought this was important to have for sponsors to contact me and check out my sites. This is my first ever business card! I never thought I would have a business card at age 19 – crazy!


Newspaper Articles 

Right after winning the title of Miss Teen Niagara Region-World 2013, I headed straight for the newspaper offices to get my name out there! I was featured in the Niagara This Week newspaper and the St. Catharines Standard. They expressed the details of the pageant, my platform and how I am seeking support from my community. Since then I was just recently featured in the Niagara This Week newspaper again to let everyone know what I’ve been up to and that I am still seeking sponsorship. I was also asked to be in the Niagara College newspaper. I was interviewed by my friend who is studying at Niagara College and was able to get my story in the paper! For the articles that are also online: Niagara This Week Newspaper article click here and Niagara College article click here.

Blog for Brock University

On top of this pageant blog I was also asked to be apart of Brock Universities blog. I was offered the opportunity to write a blog on ‘How To Get In Shape For Summer 2013’ and of course I said yes as I am a Brock University student myself! To read the article you can click here!

Defyeneurs Magazine

About a month ago I went to a motivational meeting for people who want to inspire and be inspired. I met the host Gerry Visca who is Canada’s creative coach, an inspirational speaker, author and the founder of Defyeneurs. I told him what I’ve been doing in the pageant world and he believes in me so much that he wants to interview me for his Defyeneurs magazine August issue. I cannot wait!


Endless Summer Website

Lastly, another way I have used social media is being on my sponsors websites. As Endless Summer Tanning being one of my sponsors they wanted me to be on their website to generate more traffic for them and to help get my name out there! I can’t thank Endless Summer enough or all their help and I am so honoured to be on their website!

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  1. Rob Campbell says:

    Excellent work Mackenzie. You have indeed built quite a following. Very impressive!

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