Second last day is here. This is my third blog post this week. It is Friday, July 19th  and I can’t believe how fast times flies when you’re having fun! Last night was the preliminary competition, I was so excited and anxious for it. We had a bathing suit round and an evening gown round. I enjoyed every second being on stage and I feel great about my performance. I did the best that I can do and I had fun, that’s all that matters! 🙂 I am very exhausted from yesterday but today is another day of rehearsing so I started my day off with refreshing Vitamin Water – thank you for sponsoring us.

I’d also like to thank you a few more sponsors:


S-Trip – thank you for coming in and talking to us about the amazing trips you provide for students! I seriously can’t wait to go on an S-Trip now, it looks so much fun!

Psbyprettysweet – thank you for the delicious cookies we got at the welcome party and today!

Popchipscan – thank you for providing us hungry pageant girls with healthy snacks!

Pizza Pizza – mmmm pizza! Thank you!

John and JennFlare FashionLine Knit Wear – thank you for making all of us girls looking fabulous!

Talent night is tonight, I am excited to see all the girls perform! They are going to do amazing. The final night competition is tomorrow, I can’t wait! Wish me luck 🙂 Thank you for everyones support!

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