2013 Miss Teen Canada – World Blog Network, Assignment Number Three

Big thank you to Signature Towels for sponsoring the Miss Teen Canada-World 2013 pageant. Signature Towels supplies high quality embroidered towels for every occasion that you can leave your own unique personal touch on. You can get someones name or initials imprinted on the towel and you can choose from a wide range of fonts and colours, from elegant to funky. You can give the personalized towels as a gift for any occasion or you can even treat yourself to one. The new most-popular gift right now is the personalized bath towel! The best part about the bath towel is that it is suitable for any age.
For my Signature Towels 30 second commercial pitch, I’m capturing the idea that when having personalized bath towels in your home, there will be less fighting over whose towel is whose. I know when I was younger me and my brother would fight over the littlest things, and it’s safe to say that all young siblings will fight over anything. Honestly, still to this day I am very protective over my bath towels and making sure I am the only one who uses them. The problem is I don’t want to keep reminding my brother which towel is mine, but if my name was on it he would know to keep his hands off. So, I thought this pitch would be the perfect idea since it can relate to everyday people and everyday life. The whole motto is “happy family, happy life”. Where ever there is a personalized bath towel, it’s a guaranteed fight free zone.
I believe by targeting a bath towel, it would be more mainstream. It can have a couple different uses, such as the bath, swimming pools, water parks, lying down at the beach, hanging out at the park, etc. This way I am targeting the average person. Also, by targeting families, I would put this commercial on channels that the majority of viewers are parents, or more specifically mothers. This way we can maximize marketing dollars and reach out to the decision maker who would purchase the personalized bath towels for the family or as a gift.

Scene 1: In the first scene there will be two children at home in their bathroom. The two young children, brother and sister, will both be tugging on a white regular towel. The brother will be yelling “This is my towel!” and the sister will be crying and screaming “No it’s mine!”. And then at the same time they will both yell “MOOOOOOMMMMMMM!”.

Scene 2: Song-  I Do (instrumental) by Colbie Caillat, which is happy music. The scene will switch over to another family in their home bathroom. This family owns two personalized bath towels. In the scene there are two young children, brother and sister, and a mom. It will zoom in on two towels, one pink one with the name “Sara” on it and then right beside it a blue one with the name “David” on it. The mother will pick up the pink towel and smile at it and then wrap her daughter in it while they are both smiling. Then she will pick up the blue towel and smile at it and wrap her son in it while they are both smiling as well. This portrays one big happy family. No fighting over towels necessary! The voiceover for the scene will go as so, “Are you tired of the fighting? Here at Signature Towels we provide the highest quality personalized bath towels with a guaranteed fight free zone, whether its in the bathroom or at the beach…”

Scene 3: The nice happy music will stop. It’s family day at the beach. The beach is somewhat dirty with dark brown sand and rocks and it is quite cloudy. It will show a family of four kids and a mother and father. It will be two daughters and two sons. The father will be sleeping in his beach chair and the mother will be reading a book in her beach chair under an umbrella. The four kids will run back from the water to grab a towel. The kids start fighting over whose towel is whose and one of the boys wraps it around him and starts running down the beach while the other brother is chasing after him yelling “That’s mine!”. The two girls start crying and yelling “Mine is the pink one!”, the other girl yells “No mine is pink!”. The father has not woken up this whole time and the mother slowly raises her book to cover her face from being embarrassed. This family is causing a big scene at the beach and people around them are staring.

Scene 4: Song- Guantanamera (instrumental) by Julio Iglesias, which is happy beach-like song. The camera will shift to the right. On the same beach right beside them is a different family of four kids, two boys and two girls and a mother and father. Except now the scenery has changed. The sand became whiter with no rocks, and the sky cleared up with the sun shining down on them. They are all lying on their towels and the kids are laughing, being goofy, and just having a fun time. The mom and dad are holding hands and smiling at each other. Then it will zoom in so you can clearly see their personalized names on the towels. This shows that with personalized bath towels, there will be no arguing over whose is whose. The voice over would be, “Relax, and enjoy your everlasting memories with the perfect personalized bath towel.” I believe by changing the set from a cloudy beach day to a sunny beach day, their mind will psychologically associate happy feelings with the towel which will in turn increase sales.

Scene 5: Next scene there is no music, just the sound of kids splashing and laughing in the water and parents talking away. This scene is a barbecue at someones house in the backyard with a big kiddy pool. The parents are barbecuing, talking, drinking, eating and having a good time. All the kids are in the pool, swimming, splashing, laughing and having fun. Then two little boys come out of the pool to grab their towels. The one boy grabs a green towel and wraps himself in it and the other boy looks at him and says, “Billy I think you grabbed my towel”, the boy replies in a not so nice voice saying, “Prove it”, the young boy points to his name and replies with, “Here, look! My name is on it!”. The other boy is in awe that his name is imprinted on it and then hands it back saying “Oh…..that is so COOL!”.

Scene 6: Song- Michael Ortega “It’s hard to say goodbye”, which is a very sad song. The voice over would be, “Let us take the weight off your shoulders so you can put on that smile.” This scene there will be a young girl in her bathroom going through a huge pile of pink towels that all look the same. She is trying to find and remember which one she uses and then she gives up and sits in the middle of the pile that is up to her head and cries silently while wrapping her arms around her knees that are tucked to her chest.

Scene 7: Then the music stops and her older sister walks in and picks up one of the towels from the top and looks at it. She sees her name embroidered, and then smiles and walks away not even noticing her sister in the pile of towels. The voice over is, “So as you can see, our personalized bath towels are for every day life and bring the brightest smiles to everyones faces. Visit www.signaturetowels.com TODAY and buy your personalized embroidered bath towel and gift packages. Let us take care of YOU!”

Commercial will end with “Signature Towels, happy family, happy life!”


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