On Wednesday May 22nd, I was at Brock University for the Niagara Youth Taking Action benefit concert in support of Free The Children! This went right along with the Miss Teen Canada-World pageant since we are all raising money for Free The Children as well. I really wanted to help out in any way I could at the event but unfortunately they said there was nothing I could do since it was a full show. The only thing for me to do was to buy tickets, promote it on my Facebook, and enjoy the concert!

This event was the first of its kind in Niagara. “Remigio Pereira of The Tenors, Sun Media Niagara and Centre for the Arts, Brock University joined forces to present the benefit concert in support of Free The Children. Proceeds from the concert went to one local initiative and a global initiative. The event focused on the message that together we can make a difference in the world. Its goal was to create awareness among young people to take action towards social justice and empower them to “be the change that they want to see in the world.” (Gandhi)” – Centre for the Arts, Brock University

It was a jammed-packed event that featured performances from: Neverest, Remigio Pereira of the Tenors, Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Young Stitch, Sese, Chris Witoski, ALI and keynote speaker Marc Kielburger….wait Marc Kielburger!? As in the brother of Craig Kielburger who is the founder of Free The Children!? YES, I was only a few feet away from Marc. That was an amazing experience. He is the co-founder of Free The Children, and co-founder and co-CEO of Me to We! The concert was very energetic and empowering. It seemed like a “mini” version of Me to We which was really cool. Me to We Day is all about bringing together a generation of youth to be engaged in changing the world through an inspirational event and year-long educational initiative. Hopefully one day I will be partaking in the Me to We Day on stage inspiring others! All in all, the show was great and the performers did an amazing job. It makes me happy to know that the charity Free The Children is now reaching the Niagara Region. It is nice to see everyone come together and support such a life changing cause.

Click here to listen to live coverage of Marc Kielburger at Brock University.

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