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"I absolutely love her craziness on the T.V. show 'The Biggest Loser'."

On May 14th, I was searching the internet and BAM, I found that Jillian Michaels was going on tour. Lo and behold she was coming to Hamilton, Ontario on Wednesday May 15th! Without hesitation I bought two tickets for my mom and I. I was so so so excited! She is everything I inspire to be. Jillian Michaels is a personal trainer, reality show personality, talk show host and entrepreneur. I absolutely love her craziness on the T.V. show ‘The Biggest Loser‘. She is one of my favourite celebrity fitness trainers and her tour fit right in with my pageant platform of promoting health and physical activity! Her tour is called Maximize Your Life, which is right up my alley since I am a big believer in going to motivational seminars, reading success books and doing anything I can to better myself, my life, and reach happiness and success at my fullest potential! “Your health is the platform that your entire life is built upon – from your physical health to your confidence and self-worth, I will give you the skillset, tools and insights to transform any aspect of your life immediately so you realize your true potential, and create the future you’ve dreamed of and deserve,” – Jillian.

Maximize Your Life – Summary

She talked about three things – Science, Sweat, and Self. Science focused on nutrition and “poisons” added to everyday food. This section was interesting in terms of what’s in our food and how it’s raised (e.g. GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics in cattle, etc.). She told us what foods to eat and what foods to avoid. Sweat section focused on working out. I learned how to calculate my BMR (basal metabolic rate) and MHR (maximum heart rate) and how to incorporate those formulas into my everyday calorie intake and energy outake. She also told us what type of workout is best to lose weight fast – which is combining HIIT cardio and strength training – this is called circuit training. The section about “self” was my favourite. This part really jolted so much more life and energy into me. She mostly talked about pursuing your passion. At one point she was saying how cynical everyone is, and asked the question WHY!? The answer: fear. We are afraid to dream, we are afraid of failure. The saying ‘Dare to Dream’, is literally a dare because it is scary and we do have to push ourselves to do something outside of our comfort zone. But what do we have to lose? We will just be back in the same spot we were in five minutes before we put ourselves out there. “Now” is the only way forward. It is all uphill from here. Don’t be the tomorrow person, don’t be the person who procrastinates. Live in the present! We are all made equal, we are all equally deserving, we are all here on this earth for a reason. We need to find our ‘WHY’ in life, which needs to come from inside of us. If we don’t have this ‘why’, then we are merely just getting our motivation possibly from a quote or a video. And how long does external motivation last? Not long. Jillian had great energy and said and taught so much I could go on forever, but this is a quick summary of what it was all about!

My dream

While I was sitting in the audience watching and listening to her inspire us, I was thinking to myself ‘This is what I want to do. I want to inspire millions of people and make them realize the potential they have to live a life of health and happiness. I want to change the world’. And you know what they say… ‘Dream BIG or don’t dream at all’ ;). I walked out with a catalyst to Maximize My Life! I knew almost everything she was saying but it is nice to get a reminder and a little push every once and awhile to keep that spark inside me going! I left there feeling pumped up and energized which was what I was hoping for!

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  1. Zach White says:

    Great Job sisssy Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Zach White says:

    Great Job sissy KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!!!

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