WOW day 3 and this is the first chance I’ve had time to blog, even though it’s midnight and I should be sleeping BUT I can’t keep you guys waiting any longer. The past 3 days have been so exciting I can’t wait to share it with you all! I’ve met 65 amazing, smart, beautiful, well-rounded girls… yes there is 65 of us! I’m still trying to remember everyones names! It’s been a busy couple of days but I have had such a fun time, this is truly a once in a life time experience and I am going to make sure I enjoy every minute of it because lets face it, time flies when you are having fun!

Here are the highlights of my days so far:

Farren and I the day we arrived

Day 1:

We arrived Saturday July 13th and we got to find out and meet our roommate. I must say I absolutely love my roommate! Her name is Farren Sawers, she is from Alberta and her title is Miss Teen Lethbridge-World 2013. She is the sweetest girl and we get along so well, we definitely click! Especially when we play Spice Girls music while getting ready to wake us up. That day we had a nice little Welcome Party for us which was great because we got to finally meet all the girls we’ve been talking to online forever.

My video shoot outfit

Day 2:

The next day, on Sunday, July 14th, we had a very very busy day! We had our interview, photo shoot and video shoot all in ONE day. This included getting our hair and make up done as well. Now imagine 65 pageant girls rushing around getting ready with 2 or 3 outfit changes and waiting for hair and makeup – just craziness but it’s what makes the experience. I noticed I wasn’t as nervous for my interview as I was at my provincial competition and that just shows how much more comfortable I have gotten! The judges were very friendly and it just felt like a normal conversation with them, I was very happy with it. The photo shoot and video shoot was really fun. I love being in front of the camera so I had a great time with it. But let me tell you, I was excited to kick off my heels, put my feet up and sleep after that day. 🙂

At Breakfast Television

Day 3:

Today, Monday July 15th, has been the best day so far. I’m even saying that and we had to be up at 4:30a.m… and guess what? I’m not a morning person BUT since I was SO excited for the day ahead, I was wide awake and ready to have some fun. We had the amazing opportunity of being on Breakfast Television, which was a surreal experience for me. I also love seeing what goes on behind the scenes, it is really cool to see how it all

CN Tower

works. Next up was the CN Tower which was a little frightening but such a great view. Although I am only 45 minutes away from Toronto, I don’t remember ever being at the top of the CN Tower before…so another ‘check off’ for the bucket list!

Photo by Rob Campbell

Then we headed to the Distillary District which I have never even heard of before and it was such a cute little area, I definitely want to go back one day. We had a scavenger hunt there and what are the odds that “fitness freak me” actually won a protein smoothie from a place called Lileo! YUM! It felt like I was back at home, all I needed was a gym (haha)!

Next, my happiest moment… finding out we get a $50 gift certificate to one of my favourite stores, Costa Blanca. So thankful and grateful for them to sponsor us their clothing. To the left is a picture of the outfit I bought.

New Music Live!

THEN last but certainly not least we aired live on Much Music! The show is called New Music Live and it was probably one of the best experiences ever. I got to meet and take pictures with people I watch on TV all the time – what’s cooler than that?! 🙂

Anyways I am signing off! There will be more pictures of the first 3 days to come, unfortunately they are currently on other peoples cameras right now haha. Goodnight everyone, I have to be up at 6a.m! I won’t tell you what we will be doing tomorrow so you’ll HAVE to tune in and keep checking my blogs for updates hehe.

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  1. robert and kathy says:

    hey girl you look amazing me and kathy are so proud to have had the pleasure to watch you become such a wonderfull beautifull woman , we are so proud of you , the hard work and dedication that you have put into your dream congrats and have lots of fun girl.

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