Hello, My name is Natalia I was born in Havana, Cuba with citizenship from birth. Since early childhood I maintain my Cuban culture by studying approximate four months in Havana, Cuba and eight months in Canada. I live In Niagara Falls the daughter of a business man and lawyer. With my experiences in life, I realized I have to give back to the community. I  volunteer at the Community Outreach for the less fortunate.  In the near future my inspiration is to open a charity to help the less fortunate around Canada.

My hobbies include playing golf and gymnastics. My talent is  playing violin. I speak four languages English, Spanish, French and Italian. I’m an artist that puts passion and dedication in all the activities that I participate in. My ambition is to become an inspiration to young girls, by helping them build their inner self-esteem.

The reason why I applied to be in the pageant is because I want to be a role model for the teens that want to follow their dreams. Also for girls to build their confidence because the image of perfect is being over rated. I want everyone to know the definition of perfect is imperfection, cause really in reality imperfection is what defines us.



Written by: Natalia

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