AHHHH 11 more days! I am so so excited! Let me update you all on what I’ve been doing in the past week or so as Miss Teen Niagara Region-World.  🙂

On Friday, June 21st I volunteered at the Grand Opening of the Heartland Forest. It is located in Niagara Falls, Ontario and it is a registered charitable organization. The heartland forest is a place with special accommodations for the physically challenged. Heartland Forest Nature Experience has many complementary facilities such as: trails, fishing pond, picnic shelters, informative signs, butterfly garden, observation and rest stations, playground, larger than life animal carvings, mini-putt and one of Canada’s largest tree-houses that offers a panoramic view of the forest. The property was purposefully designed around accessibility. There is even a custom built swing and a merry-go-round in the play area and a unique fire pit area that will all accommodate wheelchairs safely and with ease!

Artist Jaswinder

For the Heartland Forest Grand Opening they featured “I Am Coyote” art show which showcased and celebrated the beauty of coyote. It featured a variety of art and artists from across North America. They also had a symbolic Friends of Laura Secord walk and the trails were wheelchair and all-ability accessible. I helped out with the signing of the “heart” card located in the picture above for everyone to be remembered that they took part on such a special day. I even had the pleasure to meet one of the artists. His name is Jaswinder Singh and he showed me all of his coyote pictures – they were amazing, I wish I could draw that well! I was so honoured to be part of an amazing event that allows the physically challenged to have fun and access many facilities – I think it is such a great idea.

Another event I took part in and probably my favourite event I have made an appearance at was on Sunday, June 23rd. I was offered to be apart of the 52nd Annual Welland Rose Festival! I was honoured to have the amazing opportunity to participate in the Rose Parade! This was my first ever parade and I didn’t know what to expect. It is safe to say I didn’t realize there was going to be hundreds (seemed more like thousands) of people along the streets watching this parade! I was definitely in shock when driving down the first street. I had an absolute blast though, especially sitting on top of a convertible! Everyone was cheering, clapping and waving as I drove by them and it felt great (although, it was a tad tiring waving and smiling for over an hour but I stayed strong haha)! My favourite part was the little kids saying “hi princess!” or “are you a princess!?”… so cute! I felt like a role model for kids to look up to someone with goals and dreams. I definitely loved the support I was getting from the crowd as they were congratulating me! Lets just say… I love the Niagara Region and I can’t thank everyone enough! 🙂

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