Free The Children Fundraiser

My pageant sash and I at the Expo!

On Saturday June 1st, I participated in the Niagara Health and Wellness Expo. It was from 10a.m to 5p.m, located in St. Catharines under an outdoor pavilion. It was hosted by Club Roma, which I am very familiar with since I was little because of family parties. This was my second Expo I have had a booth at to raise money for Free The Children! I raised money the same as I did at the first expo I attended. As I said in my last fundraising blog post, I offered everyone the chance to win a prize if they donated. I was privileged enough to receive four donated prizes from businesses that are sponsoring me. My prizes were, Medu Jewlery worth $1000, a White Oaks one month certificate worth $200, an All Natural Care Shop gift certificate worth $50, and a basket of homemade bath and body products by JC Fresh. I had a sign that read if you donate $2 you receive one raffle ticket and if you donate $5 you receive three raffle tickets. I also contacted the international Free The Children office in Toronto and they were nice enough to send me many brochures, information and booklets on Free The Children.

The Health and Wellness Expo

This expo was VERY successful and I couldn’t be happier with how friendly, supportive and generous everyone was. There weren’t a ton of people coming through the show because of the weather, but over the 7 hours I was there, I managed to generate lots of money thanks to the people of Niagara! But then again I am not surprised, I am so proud and honoured to represent such a lovely region. I also went around to the other vendors and introduced myself and met such amazing people that were very supportive of my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World 2013!

Countdown Begins

I still have 19 more days left to fundraise for Free The Children. I will not stop finding more ways to raise money! You can never raise enough! I also have a fundraiser happening online through the Free The Children website. If you would like to donate through the site you can click here. I couldn’t ask for better friends and family that have donated; I have raised $560.00 online so far and still going!

If you would like to learn more about Free The Children you can click here to go to their website or you can visit my blog post I put up a few weeks ago. 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Mackenzie, xoxo

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