I just finished my second year in high school which was the tenth grade and let me tell you! It was the most drama I have ever experienced in my life! So much happened this year with Miss Teen and acting.  It seems as if I have to make plans weeks in advance to make sure I do them.  It’s finally summer and I thought it would be the perfect time to relax but with Miss Teen only tomorrow and New York city for the IMTA is the very next day after the pageant, there’s no time to relax!  This year in grade 10 I got involved in much more than I did last year.  I volunteered at the soup kitchen most Mondays during my lunch time and I was also part of ski club.  The soup kitchen and ski club were the highlights of my year! Instead of skiing I actually snowboard, I find it more challenging and I’m always up for a challenge!  Ski Club took place every Wednesday at Holiday Valley in the States!

Ski Club 2010

This was only one of the fun things I experienced in the year.  I had the two fundraisers for Free the Children, and also the soup kitchen!  For the Soup Kitchen I would get a couple of my friends to go with me during lunch and we would either wash dishes, serve food, or prepare the meals.  My favourite part was serving the food to the people because I love to smile and I also love to see others smile as well.  I found the soup kitchen very rewarding and I learned a lot about the perspective on someone’s life.

The soup kitchen with my two friends, Morgan and Vaughan

I plan to go to the soup kitchen more next year, and get more people involved because you do get community service hours for it and you also get to spend time with your friends helping others!  In the picture this was at the end of the two hours one day.  Being there is actually very tiring which is why we probably all look pretty tired!

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