Clifton Hill and Niagara Falls both date back in history beyond 1782. Clifton Hill got its name from Captain Ogden Crieghton (a British Army officer) who named the settlement “Clifton” after a town in England, but it wasn’t until 1812 that Niagara Falls and Clifton Hill became known as a tourist attraction. Clifton Hill wasn’t always a huge attraction because it took many years to develop and turn into a world renowned attraction. It consists of many stores, restaurants, arcade style areas, and beautiful site seeing areas. One of the main attractions Clifton Hill contains is Niagara Falls. This amazing site shows a beautiful waterfall that is 51 meters in height, and 253 meters in width.42255_x1  As seen in the picture above, the Falls is very beautiful and there is a ledge for tourists to look over and take pictures. Besides taking in the beauty of the falls, tourists can go on “The Maid of The Mist” boat ride. This brings people right up to the waterfall, but it also leads to a wet adventure!


The second biggest attraction Clifton Hill offers is the Sky wheel. This enormous ferris wheel stretches 57 meters in height, and offers a great view of all of Clifton Hill and the Niagara Falls. The gondolas offer climate control for a year round sightseeing comfort.

niagara-skywheel-night   At night many people believe it is the best time to go on the Sky wheel because the view of the falls can be magical with all of the beautiful lights. The ride time varies from 8 to 12 minutes in length, but it usually has moments of rest where tourists can be at the top of the wheel and take stunning ariel shots.


After a long day of touring the streets, Clifton hill has many diverse restaurants. They range in all cultures such as Italian, Mexican, and Indian. Many people from across the world comes to visit the exquisite Antica’s pizzeria and Braza Brazilian steak house. Culture is a huge part of my life and  I value that Niagara Falls can accept and incorporate different cultures on Clifton Hill. Antica’s has a masive wood burning fire place once you walk in, it gives you that cozy feel of a homemade Italian dish!. Braza is an open area to welcome all tourists to try a creative style of dining.


In the picture above it shows a meat Gaujo who serves meat in a different style. This is one example of the exotic culture establishment in Clifton Hill.

Overall Clifton Hill is an amazing place that everyone should have a chance to see!

Written by: Natalia

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