I am so grateful for my sponsors! I am so grateful for all of them taking time out of their day and busy lives to help support me on my journey to Miss Teen Canada-World! Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thank you for making my dreams come true and helping me get to the Canada pageant. I can’t thank you all enough. I appreciate your generosity and support – I hope to make you all proud! 🙂

My Amazing Generous Sponsors:

Prudential Ronan Realty Brokerage– Thank you Matt Hastings for being a great, supportive fellow Brock Badger and financially sponsoring me right from the start! Matt brings hard work, reliability and dedication into the real estate industry.

Glamour Nails– Thank you Glamour Nails for constantly sponsoring me my manicures and eyebrow waxings, even when it was last minute because I had a photo shoot to be at. Such friendly staff and amazing work!

The Hairitage Hair SalonThank you Kathy Sitarski for you’re great hair services, I’ve been with The Hairitage for a long time and they are defienitly the best in Niagara! And thank you especially for sponsoring me the pageant photo shoots/being my photographer.

Endless Summer TanningThank you Richard from Endless Summer for constantly sponsoring me my beautiful spray tans. You have been so supportive of me and trying to promote me as much as you can, even putting my picture on your website – thank you!

JC Fresh Thank you Janine for sponsoring me a gift basket, of all your JC Fresh handmade soaps, for my Free The Children Fundraising.

Vital Link Wellness CenterThank you Carole for being my osteopath and financially sponsoring me. Definitely a place to go if you have aches and pains.

Sun LifeThank you Camilo Chacon for financially sponsoring me. It was nice of you to reach out to me and want to help me out in any way you could. And thank you for sponsoring me soap for my car wash. Great, smart guy – I recommend him for anyone needing financial help.

Lebert Fitness– Thank you Marc Lebert, owner of Lebert Fitness/Equalizers, for sponsoring me financially and sponsoring me you’re workout equipment. So grateful I met you at the Fitness Challenge in Toronto. To watch the video I made of me working out with the Lebert Equalizers, click here.

Tintern Automotive– Thank you “Juice” Bartfai for sponsoring me financially and always taking great care of my car at your shop for years. Appreciate it!

Dentist– Thank you to my dentist/second cousin, Dr. Emilio Romando, for financially sponsoring me. And thank you for sponsoring me the bleaching kit for my teeth for the pageant. I wouldn’t have these pearly white teeth if it wasn’t for you!

Cheer Factory- Thank you Chris McLeod, fellow cheerleader, for financially sponsoring me through Cheer Factory. Great services for cheerleading teams across North America.

Natural Care Shop- Thank you to a family friend, Victoria Batiste, for sponsoring me a gift certificate from your health food store for my Free The Children Fundraising.

Medu Jewelry– Thank you Medu Jewelry for sponsoring me beautiful, top of the line jewelry for my Free The Children Fundraiser. Medu is definitely a go to for the best, most amazing quality jewelry at a reasonable price!

Lashes By Tanya Meneian– Thank you Tanya for sponsoring me my Eyelash Extensions for the pageant, they turned out amazing! I love them!

Fit Factory– Thank you Ivan Ho and Fit Factory for financially sponsoring me, I really appreciate it! And thank you for having me as an ambassador at the Toronto Fitness Challenge for Sickkids! You’re warms up are actually my workouts 😉

And I can’t forget my amazing friend, Lauren Chapman, for letting me borrow her beautiful prom dress for the pageant – You are a life saver! 🙂 

And I also can’t forget my other amazing friends, brother, boyfriend and dad for helping me out with my Car Wash Fundraiser to help me raise money for the pageant! 🙂 

And thank you to all my friends, family and the Niagara Region for helping me reach my fundraising goal for Free The Children! 🙂 

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  1. Matt Hastings says:

    Hi Mack! A big thank you to you as well for the opportunity to sponsor. So glad I could help out and best of luck in the pageant and beyond!

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